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  • Qualified IPCC solution from the lots of references and experiences
  • Scalable all-IP system / CC strategy management / GUI based scenario development tool
  • Function Optimizing with Monitoring UI & Report Development Tool
  • Effectiveness, Reliability & Convenience of Operation with System Management Tool

  • Reduce your total cost

    • Reduce the implementation cost with the high density user scalability
    • Reduce the interface & maintenance cost from single vendor’s
  • Simple Deployment

    • Reduce the customizing time caused by the various interfacing modules
    • Freely menu setup with GUI
    • Keep the same quality with the packaged module
  • Advanced Reliability

    • Real time monitoring for major modules & auto-changeover
    • Redundancy with 1+1, N+1
    • Active-Active (IVR), Active-Stand-By (IP-PBX, CTI M/W)
    • No need re-login for agent application as CTI failure
    • Seamless changeover as PBX failure
  • Effective Agent Management

    • Effective Supervising & Operating with agent monitoring, reporting tool and combined operation management tool
    • Various routing policy & Powerful agent management software

    All IP Contact Center: All IP based Open Standard

    Hot Standby Duplication: Synchronization between major modules

  • IE (IP-PBX)

    • IP Telephony: DND, call restriction, forward, ACD, hunting & etc.
    • Large Scale IP PBX: 12,000 IP-users per system
    • Multi Center: Max. 6 nodes
    • Protocol: RFC3261, RFC1321, RFC3264, RFC3515, RFC3892, RFC4028, CSTA II, CSTA III Codec: G.711, G.723.1, G.729
    • Phone Support: Polycom 301/330/550, LG-Ericsson IP8815/8820/8830, IPRON soft-phone
  • IC (*CTI Engine)

    • Protocol: CSTA III, ICAPI (CTI Client API)
    • ACD: Various intelligent routing, max. valid waiting time/uniformity distribution
    • Routing Generation Tools: GUI based routing scenario tool
    • Agent/Manager Tools: MS (Manager Supporter), RS (Report Supporter), AS (Agent Supporter), Optimized feature for user
  • IR (IP-*IVR)

    • Large Scale IP-IVR: 720 ports per system
    • Multi Service & Multi Scenario: DNIS based multi service & scenario support / available multi service on single platform / ASP(Application Service Provider) service
    • Protocol: SIP based IP
    • Codec: G.711, G.723, G.729 voice codec & H264 video codec
    • Service Generation Tools: GUI based service development tool
    • Visual Debugging: Real time debugging as service development / service error detecting
  • *SWAT (Integrated OAM)

    • Fully Integrated OA&M: Call, routing, IVR history/error/system history management
    • Powerful Security: Administrator authentication/IP based access control
    • Real time Contact center Monitoring: Consolidated System & Call Management Monitoring
    • Real time Agent Display Panel: Call operation monitoring tool of each agent, Call status escalation by agent itself
    • Rich Report Data Creation: Report creation thru call density & fixed report format, free style report by user itself
    • Export to document: Transform from various type of platform document to standard format

  • Installation Environment

    • OS: CentOS Linux (x86)
    • DB: Oracle
    • Operation PC: Windows XP or Windows 7/8
  • System Specification

    CPU Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz*1 Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz*1 Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz*1
    RAM 4GByte Memory 4GByte Memory 8GByte Memory
    HDD 146GByte HDD 146GByte HDD 146GByte HDD
    NIC 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps