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  • As a dedicated FEP system, transact for encoding / decoding
  • Distribution management for ordering / contract data , real time backup
  • Duplication management for backup / DR server
  • Management for channel interface, process operation and monitoring

  • Experienced Know-how

    • Realize system architecture for ordering speed with lots of references
    • System duplication for reliability
    • Linux kernel tuning know-how
  • Differentiation

    • Server: BIOS setup tuning for the server with advanced chipset / processor
    • O/S: Linux OS tuning with kernel/virtual memory/network parameters
    • CPU: Working environment tuning with application zoning / NUMA(None Uniform Memory Access)
    • Application: Memory based limits / multi transaction by work / load balancing policy
  • Effective System Management

    • GUI for processor management / system monitoring
    • Guarantee the stability through duplication for failure

  • Order Management;

    • Management for customer access point: arrange dedicated order processor
    • Order access point management: arrange share/exclusive of order line
    • Order distribution management
        Work srability & speed maximizing
  • Consolidated Limits Management;

    • Management for customer access point: data filtering/re-transaction support
    • Contract access point management: arrange share/exclusive of contract line
    • Contract data management: minimize of data competition
        Minimize waiting time as transaction
  • Mini Ledger Management;

    • Arrange the share line for order/contract customer
    • Arrange the exclusive line for order/contract customer
    • Line failure management: forwarding to the other line

    Operation Serve Development/test server
    OS Linux(RedHat Enterprise 6.x) Linux(RedHat Enterprise 6.x)
    CPU Intel® Xeon® CPU / 2.9GHz / 16Core Intel® Xeon® CPU / 2.9GHz / 16Core
    RAM 64 GB 32 GB
    Hard Disk 300 GB 300 GB
    Language C/C++ complier C/C++ complier