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  • Project management and main contractor
  • 4th biggest SI company and No.1 company for IPTV in Korea
  • Specialty of System Integration/IPTV/BSS/OSS
  • 2. TVStorm
  • Implementation of digital media service fusion through Embedded software and data broadcast middleware
  • No.1 solution vendors for Open Smart Media Platform and H/E solution for IPTV
  • Specialty of IPTV Platform/ STB Middleware
  • 3. i-On
  • Implementation of service Delivery Platform : From collecting content to accounting and billing for service
  • No.1 solution vendors of service delivery platform and more than 1,000 references all over the world
  • Specialty of Service Platform and H/E system for IPTV
  • 4. KMT-ir
  • Marketing and Sales company for StormTV in Iran
  • Subsidiary company of KMTechnology
  • Specialty of Contact Center/Network Implementation and consultancy
  • We provide all service for IPTV business to customers from Consultancy to Operation support with high level engineers and experts from Korea.

    StormTV Head-End solution consists of contents deploying technology for multi-screen, Multi-profiling and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming technology to support N-screen and SMS system to manage various package products for subscribers.

    We come up with expected risks and errors through consultancy and pilot system for efficient implementation of IPTV system with well organized process.