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  • Provides low latency trading for prop traders with arbitrage & scalp trading features
  • Offer differentiated circumstance for ordering speed
  • Algorithmic trading program for dealers on trading server
  • Effectiveness, Reliability & Convenience of trading by dealer

  • Low Latency Transaction

    • Customized user interface
    • Various trading monitor screen & basket trade
    • Effective server processor configuration
  • Effective Supervision

    • Combined supervision of securities, futures & options
    • Real time calculation of profit & loss by strategy, employee, team, division
    • Variety of user defined functions
    • Real time market data/order management, interact with Excel
  • Effective Supervision of Dealer

    • Different menus applied respectively to user(dealer’s) access level
    • Real time monitoring of profit & loss on dealer & division

  • Order Management;

    • Specified order feature
    • Single / multi order feature
    • Contract / balance management feature
    • Total P&L inquiry feature by period
  • Consolidated Limits Management;

    • Limits set-up / Monitoring
    • Risk management to protect wrong ordering
    • Feasibility of asking price
    • Total limits management (price/amount/loss)
  • Mini Ledger Management;

    • All kinds of master balance & consolidated unsettled limits
    • Ledger & going price management(server / client)
    • Order, contract & balance management
    • Account information management

  • Installation Environment

    Server Client
    OS Linux kernel Window 7, 64 bits
    others x.86 equipmentServer tuning/ independent CPU -
  • System Specification

    Server Client
    OMS Limits management Market price receiving directly
    Low latency Maximized multi core transaction
    Multi transaction Enhanced transaction speed
    Load balancing Effective data management with modulationSimplifying of data between PC & server